Глобальная интернет-платформа в сфере производства напитков и упаковочных материалов

  • Interested in new machines?

    Interested in new machines?

    Which filling system does your product prefer?

    Contact us now without obligation and
    receive an offer tailored to your requirements.

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  • Recycling Technology Center

    Recycling Technology Center

    The material with which the cycle begins

    No matter what plastic you want to recycle, in our Recycling Technology Center we carry out tests from the bale to the packaging.

    Interested? Then contact us today.

    Learn more about this
  • Third-party spare parts

    Third-party spare parts

    You need non-Krones spare parts?

    There are not only Krones parts at Krones.shop — but also
    more than 70,000 products of more than 55 further

    Check it out now!

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  • Banner_Tutorials.jpg

    Krones.shop Tutorials

    Do you know the Krones.shop tutorials?
    No matter if you want to request a Stock-keeping Package or you have questions about the eCat — You can find videos regarding the most important Krones.shop functions here.

    Go to tutorials
  • Syskron Cyber Security

    Syskron Cyber Security

    We secure your production

    Don't be at the mercy of cybercriminals or ransomware. We assist you in the optimal protection of your existing production as well as in a secure digitization process.

    Get in touch with our specialists today.

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  • Всегда к Вашим услугам:

    Всегда к Вашим услугам:

    Поддержка с "Argos" в режиме реального времени

    С нашим новым системным обновлением использование технологии стало для Вас еще более простым и доступным: Argos – поддержка в режиме реального времени теперь на любых устройствах!

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  • Substitution list

    Substitution list

    Replaced materials?

    How to stay on top of things: Our "Substitution lists" service allows you to simply display predecessor and successor materials.

    Display material replacements now

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В нашем разделе справки можно получить ответы на все вопросы по поводу Krones.shop и своего eCat онлайн.

Security Update


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Выбранные продукты послепродажного обслуживания доступны также и здесь, на KRONES.shop. Таким образом, теперь можно с легкостью использовать наш сервис и отправлять запросы онлайн. 

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Security Update


Krones Security Advisory: Here you find the latest security updates and further information.


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