The SMED Method – Workshop for Shortening Change-Over Times

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Practical changeover experience is preferable


  • Recognising change-over as a loss
  • Advantages of short change-over times
  • Effects on the OEE
  • Success factors and rules for quick change-over
  • Preparation of the change-over workshop
  • SMED practically on your machine: Recording actual state, Separating internal and external times, Identifying losses, Organising the new process, Creating a checklist, Measuring change-over and time savings
  • Visualisation of the results
  • Ensuring sustainability

Course objective:

The abbreviation SMED (Single Minute Exchange of Die) stands for an effective method for accelerating change-over on the machine. This course will teach you all you need to optimally implement SMED: You will be familiarised with the individual Siemens Steps of the method and you will learn how to best instruct and motivate your team in practice. Then you will be able to moderate SMED workshops and to significantly reduce machine downtimes.

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