Filling line, soft drinks, glass, Krones

Numero articolo: EC101351M

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Descrizione prodotto

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We have an used filling line for returnable glass bottles availabele.

The Krones machines are equipped for a 0,3l glass bottle and will be filled with carbonated soft drinks. The closure is a crown cap. The packing is a plastic crate with 24 loose bottles in formation 6x4. The complete line is equipped with the control unit Siemens S7

The filling line as immediately available and a visit is possible.

Further details are in the specification # 101351


Dettagli prodotto

ECOMAC standard classification

  • Power: 36000
  • Type: Karbonisierte Getränke in Glasflaschen
  • Model: Abfüllanlage für Glasflaschen
  • Manufacturer: Krones, Gassner
  • Equipment: 0,3l Glasflasche in 24er Kunststoffkiste
  • Availability: sofort
  • Feed: Kronenkorken
  • Type of current: 415V 50Hz
  • Control: Siemens S7
  • Additional information: Gebrauchte Linie fuer Glasflaschen

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EC101351M deutsch 569.4 kB 12 novembre 2019
EC101351M english 577.4 kB 12 novembre 2019

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