Our complete-system expertise: Turnkey partner for complete recycling factories

Next to the washing or decontamination modules, Krones also offers solutions for complete recycling systems with the main components being optimally matched to each other. The company thereby benefits from its own recycling expertise as well as from in-house plant engineering and project management which permit overall responsibility with only few interfaces in the first place.

For components, such as front end or the utilities which are not included in the Krones portfolio, Krones banks on years of cooperation with experienced manufacturers.

Sustainability and profitability: Our contribution to a circular economy


Recycling Solution

Can plastic packaging be sustainable?
Yes, if its production is gentle on resources and it can be kept in a closed loop – and Krones makes both possible. From a material-saving packaging design through to low-energy container production and the recycling of used plastic materials: We give PET bottles and other packaging the chance to have a sustainable and environmentally friendly life – not only once, but multiple times.

Recycling plays a key role here. On the one hand, Krones provides its own washing and decontamination modules and, on the other, also takes on the overall responsibility for entire recycling factories.


Recycling Solution

When one compares the recycling of containers made of polyolefins (PO) and those made out of PET, PO containers present numerous challenges: On the one hand, they are lighter than water which calls for a different procedural approach. On the other, the containers can take on the odour of the products they contain. Krones approaches all of these issues with a recycling technology which has been modified to precisely suit the processing of polyolefins.

At a glance

  • Recycling of PET containers into flakes or pellets
  • Energy-saving, direct further processing (optional)
  • Individually adjustable intrinsic viscosity (IV)
  • Production of different material qualities –up to food-grade PET standard according to FDA, EFSA and other certificates
  • Available as a complete line or in the form of individual machines

At a glance

  • Recycling of PO containers into flakes
  • MetaPure W-PO washing module
    - Intensive pre-washing
    - Hot post-washing for an exelling washing result
  • Thanks to our co-operation with partners: Krones can also supply complete solutions with systems for the subsequent further processing of the PO flakes

Recycling solution selection

Solutions for PET recycling MetaPure W and S

Recycling of PET container into flakes or pellets

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Solutions for PO recycling MetaPure W-PO

Recycling of Po containers into flakes

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