IOT2 Checkmat - Basics of operation and hardware

Item number: IOT2

Partner: KRONES AG - Academy

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Product description

Necessary prior knowledge:

Graduation in electrical basic training (non KRONES)

Modules & Topics:

Get together, control units overview, sensorics description

  • Principle of operation of the control units
  • Overview of the sensorics

HMI structure and operation

  • Transponder levels
  • Operation of the HMI
  • Error messages
  • Analysis tools
  • Statistics


  • Type change
  • Mechanical adjustments


  • Cleaning and lubrication instructions
  • Interval’s plan with operation manual

User and data management

  • User management in Dart 4.0
  • Create and restore backup

Hardware overview and network topology

  • Description of all electronic, electrical components and network topology

Electrical drawing

  • Structure of electrical drawing


  • In-/Output, Ethernet, CanBus and Ethercat
  • How to replace a CPU

Rejection system

  • Construction of rejection system

Possible errors

  • Tips and tricks
  • Exercises

Practical work

  • Operator view, learn wizard

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