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Which packs can be handled?

  • Cartons include RSC/American box, Wraparound
  • Tray and Shrink-Tray
  • Shrink-pad and Shrink-Only limited processing

In which performance levels is the Pressant Universal available?

  • Low level infeed: up to 270 layers/h
  • High level infeed: up to 310 layers/h

What makes our Pressant Universal so special?

  • With more than 500 sets Pressant Uni built, Krones has a wealth of expertise in packaging technology
  • Constant development combined with the experience gained from our customer projects guarantee the best possible performance in terms of performance and energy/resource efficiency as well as future-proofing through retrofit solutions

System Benefits

  • Versatile applications:
    Consideration of special customer requirements
    Compact formation possible
  • Minimized maintenance:
    Wear-resistant toothed belts
    Servo technology
  • Reduced spare parts storage:
    Modular system
    Standardized drives
  • Quiet and reduced vibration via toothed belt technology at the lifting unit and the grouping station row pusher
  • Short change-over times during product change-over
  • Closed control loop (sensor return), machine knows the exact place of failure
  • Servo technology for excellent dynamics
  • Fast commissioning:
    Long-term approved and optimized software modules

Design Data

Ambient Conditions:

  • Maximum geographical altitude above sea level 2,000m
  • Minimum ambient temperature machine installation area dryer section 8°C
  • Maximum ambient temperature machine installation area dryer section 35°C
  • Minimum relative humidity dry part 40%
  • Maximum relative humidity dry part 75%

Electrical Connection Data

  • Rated operating voltage in customer's network: 400V
  • Supply voltage frequency: 50 Hz
  • Voltage fluctuations in customer's network +/- 10%

Other specifications (apply for roller grouping station):

  • Wraparound Pack Formation:
    Minimum size --> 150mm x 200mm
    Maximum size --> 400mm x 600mm
  • Shrink-Pad Pack Formation:
    Minimum formation --> 3x3
    Minimum size --> 210mm x 280mm
    Maximum size --> 400mm x 600mm
  • Shrink-Only Pack Formation:
    Minimum formation --> 3x3
    Minimum size --> 270mm x 270mm
    Maximum size --> 400mm x 600mm
  • Pallet processing range:
    2-way and 4-way pallet
    Minimum size --> 1200mm x 800mm
    Maximum size --> 1200mm x 1200mm

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