P02-2 Contiform – Basics and Introduction to the Electrical Components

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Partner: KRONES AG - Academy

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Topics, basics:

  • Construction and method of operation of the Contiform
  • Machine pneumatic system
  • Lubrication intervals
  • Possible malfunctions and solutions
  • Heating and blowing process
  • zenOn 6.20/6.22 visualisation system: diagnosing faults
  • Recipe management (creating and changing recipes)
  • Air recycling system

Topics electric components:

  • AS-i bus, B&R control system, Profibus, KRONES wiring diagram

Course objective:

How can malfunctions be quickly eliminated and how can production stability be optimised on a sustained basis? With the right quantity of background knowledge and practical exercises, this seminar enables you to safely operate the Contiform and to do important settings autonomously.

A current model of the Contiform 3 (zenOn 6.22) is available for the practical training units.

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