Blowmoulding Machine, Blomax 10

Item number: 10902

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Product description

Material number: 10902

Product: Krupp Corpoplast
Model: Blomax 10
Performance: 12.000 b/h
Equipment: 1,5 l PET-bottle
Year: 1997
Delivery: promptly
Execution: bottle sizes min. 0,2l - max. 3,0l, Bottle diameter max. 126 mm, Bottle height max. 350 mm
Heaters in oven: 14 pieces
Mandrels in oven: 125 pieces
Blowing stations: 10 pieces
Needed operating air: 140 N³m/h
Blowing Air: 1.247 Nm³/h
Accessories: roller orientor, preform infeed in machine
Control Unit: ABB Procontic CS31
Stromaufnahme: 280 A
Back-up fuse: 315 A
WITHOUT: preform tipper, chute, preformconveyor, cooling unit, compressor, air conveyor


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