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What functions does the Variopac Pro FS offer

  • Packing of loose containers and shrink-wrapped packs
  • Processing on up to 4 pack lanes possible
  • Integrated handle applicator as an option

On request, the machine can be prepared for additional processing of pads and trays.


Which products can be produced?

  • Packs with linear formation
  • Nested packs (offset formation) on request
  • Shrink-wrapped, stacked packs on request

The Variopac Pro FS is available in the following output stages:

  • General: Between 30 and 150 cycles per min, thus with 4 pack lane processing outputs of up to 600 packs per min. The price information that can be created here refers to 60 cycles per min.

What makes our Variopac Pro FS so special?

  • Krones has a concentrated competence in the field of packaging technology with more than 2,000 Variopacs built.
  • Continuous further development coupled with the experience gained from our customer projects guarantee the best possible performance values in terms of output and energy/resource efficiency as well as future-proof by means of retrofit solutions.

System benefits

  • Gentle handling of the products and resources to be processed.
  • Possibility to increase the already high energy efficiency with additional options.
  • Low requirement for operator capacities due to optional fully automatic reel change-over.
  • Minimum change-over times by semi-automatic type change-over with UnitXpress at machine level and LineXpress at the level of the entire line possible (optional).
  • Globally available services:
    - Inspection, overhaul, retrofit, remote support
    - Very short spare part delivery times through globally distributed warehouses
    - Comprehensive training programs
    - Consulting with regard to incidentals and packaging
  • SitePilot and Share2Act furnish on-premise and cloud-based IT solutions that provide transparency across both the machine and the entire line, and provide valuable key data and analyses to increase efficiency and product quality.

Configuration data


  • Container height: 70 – 370 mm
  • Container diameter: 50 – 140 mm
  • Film thickness: 40 - 60 µm standard, 25 - 120 µm possible (optional)
  • Max. reel diameter (inside/outside) in mm: 76/500
  • Max. reel weight: 120 kg
  • Max. film width: 900 mm

Electrical connection data:

  • Network configuration in the customer's network: TN-S network and others
  • Rated operating voltage in the customer's network: 220 - 400V
  • Rated frequency in the network: 50 or 60 Hz
  • Voltage fluctuations in the customer's network: +/-10 %
  • The customer's network should be equipped with a strong neutral conductor

Geographic conditions:

  • Maximum geographical installation height above mean sea level 2.000m
  • Minimum ambient temperature of the machine installation area - dry end 8°C
  • Maximum ambient temperature of the machine installation area - dry end 35°C
  • Minimum relative humidity – dry end 40%
  • Maximum relative humidity – dry end 75%

Variopac Pro FS selection

Variopac Pro FS-6


  • Machine output: 60 cycles per min.
  • Max. machine dimension (L/W/H) in mm: 15,440 x 2,086 x 2,650
  • Machine weight: 9,300 kg