Modular Linatronic 735 – basic course

N° artículo: I08

Parte contratante: KRONES AG - Academy


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Descripción del producto


Basic knowledge of electrical equipment


  • Construction and function
  • Overview of the electrical and electronic components
  • Hardware diagram
  • Bus systems
  • Operation
  • Change-over
    • Inspection units:
      • parameterisation of the caustic detection unit
      • Infrared residual liquid detection unit
      • Bottom
      • Neck finish
      • Side wall
      • Explanation and parameterisation of the test container programme
      • Data backup
      • Creating new users

Course objective:

On this course, you will learn how to save unnecessary material costs for bulk glass: With the right machine settings, you reduce the rejection rate, and, at the same time, keep a steady high quality standard. Practical exercises on the Linatronic training machine provide the opportunity to implement the newly acquired knowledge into practice.

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