Cold-glue technology: Expert Training

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Basic knowledge in general mechanics and labelling technology


  • Removing, repairing, assembling and adjusting of
    • Worm drive, toothed belt and universal joint shaft
    • Guidance handling parts and dead plates
    • Bottle table, servo motor seal kit, rotary plate
    • Encoder; setting the zero point
  • On the labelling station
    • Glue roller bearing, glue scraper
    • Pallet movement
    • Label magazine
    • Gripper cylinder

Course objective:

Are there proven strategies for how to reliably and quickly eliminate machine failures? And can malfunctions be prevented before they occur? This seminar will show you how best to react in case of emergency: You will learn how to quickly restore the machine to proper working order when problems occur. And you will become familiar with effective maintenance methods with which you can prevent risks and faults from the outset.

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