On-site coaching for KRONES Automation Engineers - advanced course

No d'article : A17

Partie contractante: KRONES AG - Academy


Description de produit


Participation in the KRONES Automation Engineer course programme


  • Specific troubleshooting of the general HMI fault message for PLC diagnostics
  • Efficient use of S7 programme structures for malfunction diagnostics as an alternative to using Racos connection diagrams
  • Replacement of hardware components including firmware updates
  • Safe handling of the PLC diagnostics tools
  • Use of the ASI safety diagnostics system and backups using ASiMon software
  • Editing the HMI interface with the aid of Zenon Supervisor Edition software
  • Effective use of B&R tools for the diagnosis of B&R controllers

Course objective:

Would you like to expand the knowledge you have already acquired as an automation engineer? This course is the ideal next step: You are provided with valuable solution approaches in order to skilfully respond to fault messages on the machine and efficiently eliminate the faults in question. Supported by your trainer, you work through situations which have already occurred directly on the machine and thus become quicker and more confident in fault diagnostics with an aim to reducing downtimes.

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