Krones Contiroll ED 720-18

Item number: EC20-23350M

Partner: ecomac Gebrauchtmaschinen

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ecomac Gebrauchtmaschinen GmbH is selling  an used Krones labelling machine from the year 2019. The machine is able to process up to 40.000 bottles per hour and will be available in May 2023. If you would like further information, please do not hesitate and contact us directly.

Properties processing of empty containers
  infeed & output with air conveyor
  container inflating device
  height adjustment system
  two-hand control device

Product details

ECOMAC standard classification

  • Power: 40000 Fl/h
  • Type: Contiroll
  • Model: 720-18 ED
  • Manufacturer: Krones
  • Year: 2019
  • Equipment: Rundumetikett von der Rolle
  • Availability: Mai 2023
  • Feed: Parallel
  • Type of current: 400V 50Hz
  • Movement direction: L-R
  • Control: Siemens S7
  • Additional information: siehe Spezifikation
  • Location:Country: Polen

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Title Format Size Date
EC20-23350M Spezifikation Deutsch 16.8 kB May 18, 2022
EC20-23350M specification english 16.8 kB May 18, 2022

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