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Material Management and Krones – a powerful team

What is a Material Management Coach?

First of all: the Material Management Coach is neither a program nor a software package: it’s an employee who specialises in material management; he possesses a very substantial pool of knowledge and long years of experience in the field of warehouse organisation, warehousing processes and logistics. Together with our clients, he formulates an individualised logistical strategy on site. This means he spends a certain amount of time at the client’s production facility, in order to identify a strategy that’s ideally suited to the specific preconditions and requirements involved. In a joint procedure, they optimise the client’s warehousing processes, warehousing organisation and logistics. In order to achieve this, he checks the ERP functions in the client’s system, and together with the client deploys them to purposeful effect. Besides Krones lines, machines from other manufacturers can also be integrated into the logistical process, of course.

Thus the Material Management Coach successfully optimises the client’s planning operations and spare parts availability, while assuring the requisite process-dependability for the spares needed at the client’s facility. This enables machine downtimes and unnecessary capital lock-up to be avoided.

The client chooses between different modules to suit his own particular needs:


You can also find a short summary of our service range in our introductory video:

Benefits to you:

  • Optimised warehouse logistics for spare parts and improved operational procurement
  • Reduction in manual effort throughout the material management process flow
  • Better transparency using defined metric
  • Standardised warehouse organisation
  • Consistent high quality of your master data


Let us optimize your material management together:

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