KRONES Frequency inverter rack for Danfoss

Item number: KRTE008

Partner: KRONES AG - Academy

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Product description


The frequency inverter rack for Danfoss enables the parameterisation of motors and their parameters to be simulated in a realistic manner.

Accessories and extensions

  • Participation in the course "KRONES Electrical Components - System Engineering"
  • Optional: Training documentation
  • Optional: KRONES Automation Notebook

Learning objectives

  • Data transmission via Profibus
  • Data back-up and replacement of devices
  • Structure, functions and connection options
  • Parameterisation using the operator panel (LCP)

Technical data, scope of supply

  • KRONES frequency inverter rack for Danfoss
  • Profibus options card MCA101, Profibus cable
  • USB cable for communications and data back-up

Benefits to you

  • Locating and fixing minor malfunctions
  • Use of the MCT10 set-up software from Danfoss
  • Back-up of parameter records