KRONES Touch-Screen/SIMATIC S7 Rack

Item number: KRTE004

Partner: KRONES AG - Academy

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Product description


The Touch-Screen/SIMATIC S7 rack is a combination of the SIMATIC S7 rack and the Touch-Screen rack. The controller works only with integrated KRONES visualisation systems.

Accessories and extensions

  • Participation in the course »KRONES visualisation technology – Zenon touch-screen software«
  • Optional: Training documentation
  • Optional: KRONES Automation Notebook

Learning objectives

  • KRONES emergency package solution, practical use of the ZenOn tools
  • Alarm handling, diagnostics and interpretation of faults
  • Use of the type and user management system, data backup

Technical data, scope of supply

  • KRONES touch-screen/SIMATIC S7 rack
  • Connection diagram and operating instructions
  • Customer transponder set
  • Including current filler software project

Benefits to you

  • KRONES machine visualisation system with all included parameters visible
  • Learn how to use the production machines in a reliable and targeted manner via training with the touch-screen rack
  • Training for visualisation technology
  • Quicker and more efficient use of the help tools
  • Inexpensive solution if no S7 training courses are required or no S7 training contents are to be conveyed