Important notes regarding shipping and delivery

General Information:

For our customers, the individually stored conditions of delivery and dispatch apply. If you have any questions regarding the dispatch of your order, your Krones contact partner is willingly prepared to help you.

Dangerous goods / hazardous substances:

If your order contains hazardous goods or materials, additional costs may be incurred to comply with shipping and packaging regulations.

Region Specific Information for Asia/Pacific:

Dangerous goods items are subject to transport, workplace, storage, consumer and environment protection regulations, to prevent accidents to persons, property or the environment, to other goods or to the means of transport employed. Dangerous goods transports require additional measures, such as marking the transport units, declarations to authorities and shipping companies, handling of documents, etc. Dangerous goods are subject to local and/or international DGR fees and are as such subject to additional charges. As a result any items classified as Dangerous Goods (“DG”) shall be charged at a flat fee of AUD 1,200.00 (or EURO equivalent) per DG shipment to cover the associated additional charges. DG items coming from local KPAC DG warehouse (KIC) shall be charged at AUD 350 per order/shipment or foreign currency equivalent.