Substitution list

Replaced materials? This is how you stay on top of things

With our two services „My Substitutions“ and "Without Substitution" you can easily obtain an overview of all replaced materials installed in your system free of charge.

What does substitution of materials mean?

Many Krones items must be substituted during or at the end of their product lifecycle. This can have various reasons, such as material changes, design changes, technology changes, etc. Often a part cannot be substituted by a successor part for reasons of complexity, for example, or the machine needs to be rebuilt.

Now you can get an overview of your material replacements with our online services in the

My Substitutions

My Substitutions

The successor is fully compatibel with its predecessor.

With our „My Substitutions“ service, you can easily display your predecessor and successor materials and keep your warehouse system up to date.

Without Substitutions

Without Substitutions

No compatible successor could be found.

With our „Without Substitutions“ service, you can have all the materials installed in your machines determined for which Krones AG does not have a 1:1 substitution, and for which an adaptation design may be necessary. This provides you with an overview at all times of all substituted materials that you have installed. This service is available for Krones machines built from 2005 onwards.

As a rule, you will receive your requested substitution list back on the same day. You will also be notified by e-mail as soon as your list is ready and available for download. In "My Account" you can then call up your list(s) at any time and download them in Excel.

Your advantages at a glance:

> Evaluation adapted to your purposes – You can create substitution lists both customer or order based.

> Different list views – With every download you additionally receive a machine-readable version.

> Comfortable editing – Export your substitution list as Excel and edit it as wished.

> Transparency – Keep track of material replacements and keep your material management up to date.

> And you know what's best? – It's free!

Request your substitution list today!