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Get ready for future with the mouthpiece 26/22 and tethered caps

Regardless of whether you have already converted to tethered caps or are in the process of doing so – with Krones you are ideally prepared for the future.

​ Due to the SUP (Single Use Plastic) EU Directive 2019/904, caps and lids must remain firmly connected to the container from 03.07.2024. This is to prevent the caps from ending up in the environment after use. ​

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At Krones we go one step further with you:

With the shortened mouthpiece 26/22 (GME30.4x), you save material and reduce the weight of the preform and thus of the container throughout the product cycle.​ In this way, you not only comply to the EU directive, but also conserve resources and save costs at the same time.

Your benefits:

  • Material savings
  • Resource and cost savings through weight reduction of preform, bottle and closure
  • Law-compliant implementation of EU Directive 2019/904 - Tethered Cap
  • Sustainable and resource-saving solution for your line

Convert your line to 26/22 (GME30.4x) now and be prepared for the future.

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