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Be on the safe side: Now actively switch to FlexVPN

In order to solve errors and malfunctions as quickly as possible, we offer the option of technical support via Remote Service. The required VPN connection is established via the Cisco template EzVPN. This template is no longer supported by Cisco. Switch to the FlexVPN framework to continue to use our Remote Service.

Continued operation with EzVPN involves the following risks:

  • The framework is no longer supported by Cisco.
  • No secure remote support possible anymore.
  • Krones provides no longer support for EzVPN.
  • Krones will shut down the EzVPN infrastructure on the 31.12.2023.

With FlexVPN you can benefit from the following advantages:

  • Due to updated encryption algorithms security risks are minimized.
  • Your system stays secure thanks to security updates and patches.
  • The framework enables future-oriented maintenance of your VPN infrastructure.

No matter if your machine is already connected via VPN or not: With FlexVPN you bring your Remote Service connection to the most current state of technology.

Request a non-binding offer or let our experts advise you on your detailed technical solution and the necessary conversions!

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How do you know if you are still using EzVPN?

A Cisco router of the 800 series (in most cases a r881 router) can be found in the network cabin of your plant or in another place (e. g. server room or shift leader's office) or is directly installed in a machine.

This is how a router of the 800 series looks like:

Cisco Router 800Series

Cisco Router 800Series front


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