Bulk depalletizer for cans Krones Pressant Universal

产品编号: EC10-23291M

合同伙伴: ecomac Gebrauchtmaschinen

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Herewith we would like to offer you an used Krones Bulk can depalletiser with year 2015. The Pressant Universal 1N is in a good condition.
The machine as optional approx. 25m of Bottle conveyor.
For further details please contact us directly. 

Execution Stack centering with 3-side duct
  Frequency-controlled hoist with servo drive
  Pushing station with automatic guide adjustment
  Upper long discharge table (height 5.400 mm) with plastic flush-grid belt
  Pack-material handling with suction and gripping system for top-frame and intermediate layer
  Magazine 1 with drop-off flaps for flat layer pads
  Magazine 2 for storage of wooden cover frames
  Pallet conveyor and empty-pallet magazine
Machine protection Safety fence with light curtain, muting and login switch
Operator Control 15" colored touch-screen
Power 400 V
Frequency 50 Hz
Control Unit Siemens S7-300


ECOMAC standard classification

  • Power: 60000
  • Type: Pressant Universal 1A
  • Model: Pressant Universal 1A
  • Manufacturer: Krones
  • Year: 2015
  • Equipment: Neudosenpalette 1300x1120
  • Availability: sofort
  • Control: Siemens
  • Additional information: Mit Deckrahmen und Zwischenlagenabheber



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EC10-23291M Spezifikation deutsch 347.3 kB 2022年3月16日
EC10-23291M specification english 347.4 kB 2022年3月16日


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