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Support Contract

Argos (Augmented Reality) support now also device-independent – more information here.

There for you 24/7: Krones Support

With the Lifecycle Service "Support", you have a central contact point of the Krones After-Sales Service, which takes care of all your questions concerning your lines and machines. Our support specialists are available to you around the clock and worldwide, and you will receive rapid assistance with troubleshooting.

How support is provided:

  • Phone: Telephone support for troubleshooting in the event of a malfunction, available at: +49 9401 70- 8090
  • E-mail: Diagnosis and troubleshooting by Krones specialists via e-mail:
  • Remote (GRS): Fast troubleshooting via remote access to your machines
    (touch-screen panels, computer systems and controls)

  • Argos: Augmented Reality Support – immediate support via audio and video live stream on your personal smart device

Krones Support

Krones support can be booked individually or as part of a support contract that bundles telephone support, Global Remote Service and the option of live support using augmented reality. This saves you money and time - thanks to even faster problem solving.

Krones support contract – your advantages at a glance

As a support contract customer, you benefit from the following advantages:

  • Round-the-clock support: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, based on the peak business hours of your local organisation
  • Discounted hourly rates and high transparency through an overview of all service calls
  • Fast, guaranteed response time (60 minutes)
  • Full cost control through a fixed annual fee and modular selectable hourly packages
  • No need for written individual requests or dial-in fees for Remote Support or Argos Support
  • Including our augmented reality support solution "Argos" (hardware required separately) for faster, more targeted support

Everything at a glance - your tickets in the

Here in the, as a contract customer, you also get an insight into all your open and closed tickets. This allows you to track the processing of your tickets online at any time.

You always have an overview of your contract details and your used hours. As soon as you have reached a minimum of your hour quota, we will of course remind you.


NEW: Argos - real-time support now also device-independent

This guarantees you fast and direct help, even in times of crisis: With the help of Argos, the Krones expert is immediately in the middle of the line in the event of a malfunction. He can thus support the machine operator in troubleshooting and problem-solving in real time via live video and audio transmission to Krones with the aid of augmented reality.  

With our new system update, it is now even easier for you to use: in addition to the Smart Glasses, it is now also possible to use other end devices such as smartphones or tablets. You simply start the download via the corresponding app store of the device and can thus install the software easily and quickly, without additional costs, on your own smart end devices. The operation of the AR application has also been improved even further, so that 3D markings can be set or instructions shared even more easily and the app can be operated more simply and intuitively.

As Argos is now included as a standard option in the support contract, it no longer has to be booked separately for our support contract customers. And even if you don't have a support contract with us yet, you can now use AR Support via our Service Line. All you need to do is sign a data protection agreement upfront.

If you are interested, simply contact your Krones representative at

Learn more about the augmented reality support solution "Argos" in this video: