Servo drive technicians for Electrical Systems

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Partner: KRONES AG - Academy

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  • Safety procedures
  • Control, touch-screen, nominal and actual values
  • Communication between basic and control machine, frequency inverter and operating material
  • Principles of the electronic system
  • Definitions of terms
  • Structure of the menu/ menu selection
  • Display values
  • Machine product parameters
  • Diagnostic function on the operator panel
  • Machine messages and diagnostics
  • Malfunctions
  • Troubleshooting procedures
  • Setting the components – fine adjustment after troubleshooting
  • Lubrication and maintenance
  • Control Components for training on electrical system
  • Symbol diagram of the KRONES function group

Course objective:

How can the overheating of gears and servodrives be avoided? By synchronising infeed and discharge starwheels. This course will provide you with the required knowledge as well as the practical skills.

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