Automation Engineer (A08 - A10 - A14 - A13)

产品编号: A00

合同伙伴: KRONES AG - Academy



Your own expert

KRONES will support you with all questions around Automation Technology. Our objective is keeping your staff always up to date with the latest technology. With your certificate of the KRONES Automation Engineer we will guarantee high-quality enhanced training and you will have your personal expert on-site.

Modular design

In theoretical and practical units, the future KRONES Automation Engineers will learn

  • technology of KRONES components.
  • the optimum interaction of network technology and control technology.
  • performing maintenance and malfunction diagnostics without any problems.
  • minimising sources of errors in the system.
  • performing changes in the programme.
  • performing safe and quick data back-up.

Individual and efficient

On his way to KRONES Automation Engineer, the participant will only take the courses he really needs for his successful certification.

Always up to date

At the end of the course, the participant will receive the KRONES certificate which is valid for two years. This way, KRONES will guarantee that the qualification of the owner of the certificate is at the state of technology.


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