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Product description

Necessary prior knowledge:

Graduation in electrical basic training (non KRONES)

Modules & Topics:

Basic principles of the S7-1500

  • Basic information about structure, working principles of the S7-1500 and information about differences to the S7-300

Basic programming and help system

  • Introduction to different basic tools of TIA in combination with simple programming exercises

Functions – function blocks – PLC data types – data blocks

  • Differences between functions and function blocks, handling and usage in KRONES programming
  • Creating and usage of PLC data types in context of the KRONES programming principles
  • Structure, types, system and usage of data blocks in S7-1500

TIA diagnostic

  • Use of the different diagnostic tools in the TIA Software (diagnosis, tracing, comparison)
  • Use of the display of the S7-1500 Series
  • Use of the webserver

IEC – standard functions

  • Introduction into the system of the IEC Timer and IEC Counter functions
  • Programming example with timer functionality

SCL – structured language

  • Introduction into the use of the programming language SCL and the usage in the KRONES programming

KRONES TIA software structure

  • Introduction of the software structure of KRONES machines with S7-150

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