Siemens SIMATIC S7-1500 for KRONES machines - basic course

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Partner: KRONES AG - Academy

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Basic technical knowledge; basic IT and PC knowledge


KRONES Automation Notebook or KRONES Automation Field PG


  • Basic principles of S7
    • System structure of the PLC
    • Storage areas, data types
    • Addressing and variable management
  • Structure, configuration and parameterisation of the automation system
  • Familiarisation with programming options, functions and function blocks
  • Interfaces and bus systems (AS-i bus, Profibus, decentralised peripherals with Profinet IO)
  • Communication with the subcontrollers or subsystems
  • Data backup
  • Operating/diagnostic options
  • Theoretical and practical final test

Course objective:

How can faults be identified and eliminated quicker? How can downtimes be prevented and data be fully backed up? A hands-on and directly applicable service and programming training course will answer all these questions. On an S7 Rack you can work hands-on in our training centre, under the guidance of a professional instructor. You can implement your newly acquired skills and knowledge immediately on your line.

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