KRONES AS-i Safety Rack

Item number: KRTE005

Partner: KRONES AG - Academy

safety stock part

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Product description


The ASI Safety rack can be used in training courses on the standard components of KRONES safety equipment. The rack allows you to exercise with these components and test or replace them.

Accessories and extensions

  • Participation in the course "KRONES Electrical Components - Systems Engineering"
  • Optional: Training documentation
  • Optional: KRONES Automation Notebook

Learning objectives

  • Replacing components
  • Data back-up
  • Online functionality (ASIMon software)

Technical data, scope of supply

  • KRONES ASI safety rack
  • Connection diagram and operating instructions
  • Replacement components of the safety equipment
  • ASI programming unit including adapter and programming cable

Benefits to you

  • Safe and quick replacement of the safety components
  • Correct detection and analysis of faults
  • Practical exercises possible by connecting the S7 controller and the touch-screen visualisation system (display and diagnostics on touch-screen)
  • Back-up of safety logic (in conjunction with the ASIMon software)

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