KRONES Automation Notebook

Item number: KRTE010

Partner: KRONES AG - Academy

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Product description


Regardless if for training support in automation training or for diagnostics and troubleshooting on the line – with the KRONES Automation Notebook, you can start right away. The KRONES Automation Notebook contains the most important KRONES software applications; all required cables and adapters are included in the scope of supply.

Accessories and extensions

  • As an option, the software packages Allen Bradley RS Logix 5000 Standard Edition, B&R Automation Studio 3.0.9x Maintenance Set, S7-PLCSim V5.4 simulation software or ASIMon software with connection cable are also available

Learning objectives

  • Suitable for all training modules in the field of automation
  • Developing and testing own programs (Step 7, ZenOn HMI, etc.)
  • Data back-up using KRONES back-up and diagnostic tools

Technical data, scope of supply

  • DellE6540 with adequate equipment (professional series)
  • KRONES software and utilities according to specification in the quotation
  • Pre-installed notebook with all required KRONES software and utilities, among other, with:
    Siemens Step 7 SIMATIC Manager, ZenOn emergency package, Microsoft® Office Home and Business 2013
  • Danfoss MCT 10 set.up software, B&R-CPU diagnostics, K-DOT, PDWIN, PDEXE, DCopy, EasyConfig, MOVITOOLS, DbaMGR2k
  • Acronis® Backup & Recovery™

Benefits to you

  • Expanded fault diagnostics for quick troubleshooting
  • All tools for data-backup already installed
  • Communication interfaces, cables and adapters for data-backup and online connection are included in the scope of supply
  • Turn on the system and get started at once
  • ZenOn emergency package contains: Machine control using the Automation Notebook if system-relevant hardware has failed

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