Item number: KRTE001

Partner: KRONES AG - Academy

safety stock part

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Product description


With the SIMATIC S7-300 rack, the user can perform preliminary tests of the program changes made in the S7 controller and learns how to use AS-Interface, Profibus or network technology. The SIMATIC S7-300 rack serves as a basis for the touch-screen rack and the ASI safety rack.

Accessories and extensions

  • Participation in the "Basic course Siemens SIMATIC S7-300 für KRONES machines"
  • Optional: Training documentation
  • Optional: KRONES Automation Notebook

Learning objectives

  • Hardware and peripherals of a KRONES machine with communications to HMI and subsystems; understanding data security/diagnostics
  • Structure of the user software, Profibus/ASI configuration structure

Technical data, scope of supply

  • KRONES SIMATIC S7-300 rack
  • Connection diagram and operating instructions

Benefits to you

  • Realistic simulation of changes on the machine controller
  • Development and testing of user programs and projects
  • Practicing the replacement of components without affecting production
  • Training for e.g. S7 control technology, Profibus and ASI bus

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