B10-2 Twin Flow System (TFS) – Operator Training

Item number: B10

Partner: KRONES AG - Academy

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Basic knowledge of filtration


  • Production process (special TFS parameters, optimisation options)
  • Cleaning process (special TFS cleaning parameters, ensuring successful cleaning, visual inspection of the candles)
  • Malfunctions during the process (troubleshooting, analysing and preventing malfunctions in the ongoing process)
  • Process monitoring and analysis based on parameters, trends and batch logs
  • Inspection and maintenance of mechanical components
  • Clarifying individual problems

Course objective:

On this course, you will acquire a sound basis for your daily work with the Twin Flow System. Not only will you gain insight into the construction and method of operation of the filter, you will also learn how to manipulate and optimise the process yourself. You will master trends and batch protocols analysis as confidently as defining maintenance intervals and inspecting mechanical components. Last but not least, we will reveal tips and tricks for efficiently saving water.

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