Brewing Technology – Botec F1 System Administrator, Part 1

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Partner: KRONES AG - Academy

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Product description

Maximum of three participants per course


Well-founded knowledge of Windows, basic knowledge of Botec F1 (operator training), well-founded knowledge of electrical components and PLC software


  • Creation of new Siemens Stepped phases for a unit with recipe parameters (SFMs)
  • Creation of new unit procedures
  • Creation of locking devices for final control elements
  • Changing and creation of operating sequences in the PLC code for individual final control element and entire units
  • Creation of a new recipe and order behaviour for a unit
  • Testing of changed systems with simulation
  • Troubleshooting and tricks
  • Handling of/accessing:
    • Online help
    • Technical Documentation
    •  Botec Helpline
  • Botec programmes and tools:
    • System configuration
    • Plant configuration
    • Recipe management
    • Order system – GcLD (optional)

Course objective:

The course participants learn how they can independently make smaller changes to the PLC programme. In addition, they will become familiar with the system architecture of Botec F1. Systematic troubleshooting in the software is one of the main elements of this course. With an understanding of the automation system and the PLC code structure, the Botec system administrator can provide the process technician (master brewer) with strong support – both when crat-ing new and when changing existing production and CIP recipes.

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