PET Filler Krones Volumetic VODM-PET

Item number: EC10-24018M

Partner: ecomac Gebrauchtmaschinen

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Product description

The ecomac Gebrauchtmaschinen GmbH is offering an used filler Make KRONES from year 2007 for sale.
There can be filled water or softdrinks with and without CO2.
Until Ocotber 2024 the machine is in production. Further information on request. 

Filling products Carbonated water 18°C and 8 g/l CO2-content
  Carbonated softdrinks, tea 18°C mit 8 g/l CO2-Gehalt 
Cap Shorty 26/22 FlipTop
Bottles 1,5l and 2,0l PET bottles
Number of filling valves 176 pieces
Machine pitch 103 mm
Safety device Full guarding with hinged flaps in clean room execution
Execution Bottle infeed with air conveyor
  Lift cylinder carrier, mounting table and carrousel supports in stainless steel 
  Automatical product bowl spraing
Capper 22 capping heads 
  Thread spraing system steamable

Flushable capping cones

Operating system Touch 15" colour display with ZenOn
Control Unit Siemens S7 300
Kind of current TN-S Netz, 400 V, 50 Hz

Product details

ECOMAC standard classification

  • Power: 43000
  • Type: Volumetic
  • Model: VODM-PET 5760-176-103-SOV 720-22-103
  • Manufacturer: Krones
  • Year: 2007
  • Equipment: CSD - 1,5l PET 26/22 FlipTop
  • Availability: Oktober 2024
  • Feed: Standard
  • Type of current: 400V 50Hz
  • Movement direction: L-R
  • Control: Siemens S7
  • Additional information: in Spezifikation
  • Location:Country: Deutschland

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