Hotmelt technology Contiroll 810: Basics, maintenance, adjusting work

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Partner contrattuale: KRONES AG - Academy


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  • Machine functions
  • Pneumatic system and electrical components
  • Tasks prior to, during and after production
    • Control elements, touch-screen, troubleshooting
  • Change-over
  • Adjustment
    • Machine infeed and discharge
    • Brushing on, rolling on
    • Reel holder, label reel splicing
    • Label film guider, feed roller, cutting unit
    • Label film guider, feed roller, cutting unit
    • Label transfer unit
  • Lubrication and maintenance
  • Labels, container and glue
  • Parameters

Course objective:

Label at high speed and with perfect quality? With the right operation and the correct maintenance, this is mere child's play for the Contiroll. With the right amount of background knowledge and with practical exercises, this seminar enables you to ensure a perfect product quality and to quickly eliminate possible malfunctions.

Consegna in 24 ore

Effettuando un ordine entro le 14:00 e selezionando la consegna in 24 ore i prodotti verranno inviati il giorno stesso. Basta scegliere i prodotti con il simbolo 24 h.

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