Basics of operation (Filling technology)

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Descrizione prodotto

Necessary prior knowledge:


Modules & Topics:

Introduction, type of machine, safety instructions

  • Training agenda − Filling valve type
  • Why this particular filling type
  • Safety instructions

Filler principle of operation and structure

  • Information (manuals) with machine
  • HMI structure
  • Path of container
  • Components

Controlling the filling procedure

  • Filling phases
  • Operational sequence diagram
  • Filling valve controller (LCT3, FVC)

Pipe system plans

  • Symbols
  • Media channels through the system
  • Functions of the individual valves and sensors
  • Introduction to the pressure and level regulation

Programmes of the filler operating procedure

  • List of programmes
  • Machine control with programmes (examples)
  • Elaboration of the programme description (examples) – sequence of programmes on the machine
  • Tasks prior to, during and after production
  • Interaction of the filler with other machines
  • Change-over in theory

Cleaning, lubrication and maintenance, final discussion

  • External CIP start
  • Cleaning parameters
  • Cleaning intervals
  • Maintenance and lubrication schedule

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