Top Ten problems with the Filling Technology (for Mecafill VK, VKP, Modulfill HRS)

Numero articolo: F05

Partner contrattuale: KRONES AG - Academy


Descrizione prodotto

Suitable for the following machine types:

Mecafill VK, VKP or Modulfill HRS


Basic knowledge of operation and mechanical components of the corresponding fillers.



  • Foam formation
  • Wrong product concentration
  • Overfilled containers
  • Underfilled containers
  • Bad oxygen values for beer
  • Damage to the rotary media manifold
  • Damage to the lift cylinders for glass fillers


  • Canted caps
  • Caps that are too tight
  • Caps that are too loose

Course objective:

KRONES Service Line offers our customers fast hotline support for all questions relating to production. To ensure that you also benefit from the questions asked and the answers given, a compact seminar is now being compiled on the basis of the most frequent problems associated with analysis routines and troubleshooting on all subjects relating to the filler – and of course you will also be shown how to eliminate problems quickly on the training machines. The participants will therefore learn how to solve problems quickly, prevent malfunctions and avoid downtimes.

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