Change-over of Labellers – Workshop

No d'article : L07

Partie contractante: KRONES AG - Academy


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  • Analysis of the actual situation
  • Specification of your objective together with operators and managers
  • Optimising the process with the aid of the experience of the team members
  • Developing a new process
  • Setting down the new process in a checklist
  • Change-over based on the newly defined processes
  • Measuring the time savings

Course objective:

Efficiency is frequently neglected during change-over. To counteract this problem, the participants in this workshop will work out together methods for a more productive changeover, considering the individual situation of your line. The new process will be described in a checklist. It can be implemented immediately in your plant. Our trainers work according to the SMED method, which is also applied within the framework of TPM.

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