Lifecycle Service products

Krones: Your Lifecycle Partner - for Life

No matter whether the discussion or focus is on manufacturing process costs, efficiencies, safety topics or sustainable production, the Krones LCS team will identify your needs and translate them directly into a customised Krones solution. Krones is not only your service provider but also your partner available for you after you have purchased your new machine. This way, you will achieve exactly your goal – and a lot more.

Selected Lifecycle Service products are also available here in the Thus, you can conveniently use and request our service online.

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Original parts and accessories

Original parts from Krones

Krones runs best with Krones. Maintain the mileage and longevity of your equipment by using original parts and accessories.

Label handling

Label handling

Krones original wear parts help you to acchieve optimum labelling results. Check out our label handling page.

Stock-keeping package

Stock-keeping package

The Krones stock-keeping package helps you find a happy medium between achieving high line availability and committing an unnecessarily high amount of capital to the contents of your warehouse. Here, you can display your customised package easily and without obligation.



With LCS upgrades, the latest developments in Krones technology can be put to use on older machines. Find here an overview of all available upgrades.

Substitution lists

Substitution list

Substition lists help you to keep track of material replacements in your machines. You can download those lists in a clear and machine-readable format whenever you need to.

Support Contract

Support contract

With the Lifecycle Service product "Support", you have a central contact point at Krones after-sales service who will take care of all your questions around your lines and machines.

Krones Documents

Krones Documents

In the section "Krones Documents", you will find your relevant documents.