VapoChill Cooling Tower

Cooling tower VapoChill: The cool solution for your application

Are you planning to purchase a new cooling tower as a replacement and/or for the energy-efficient dissipation of cooling energy into your process?
You want to bring your refrigeration system up to date and thus not only save on energy and water consumption, but also receive BAFA funding?

Then the VapoChill cooling tower is just right for you!

VapoChill from above

The VapoChill is an open, axial-ventilated wet cooling tower that can be used to cover diverse cooling requirements very efficiently in a capacity range from 50 to 2,000 kilowatts (depending on climatic conditions).
With the VapoChill you get a well thought-out, durable product with a small carbon footprint.

Development and engineering by Krones, sales by Milkron
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Application areas:

  • (Ice) water pre-cooling & ice water prevention (in winter)
  • Recooling of refrigeration plants to improve performance and efficiency
  • Avoidance and replacement of fresh water cooling (waste water costs and much more)
  • Can also be used for high cooling water return temperatures up to 70 (*100) °C
  • Autoclave cooling

Advantages of the VapoChill:

  • EC controlled fans (efficient, savings up to 30% in power consumption, low maintenance and so on).
  • Hygienic design (one-piece asymmetrically edged tray, slopes and so on).
  • Made entirely of stainless steel (AISI 304 optionally in AISI 316L)
  • Optionally in earthquake resistance version (PGA 4.0-8.0)
  • Everything from a single source (Krones and/or Milkron as system integrator)

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