LCS Stock-keeping Package

Stay equipped with your tailored Stock-keeping Package

There are two clear and major benefits to maintaining a properly stocked warehouse: you are guaranteeing stock availability for scheduled preventative maintenance and overhaul, while minimising the risk of unplanned downtime due to breakdown. Following submission of your request for the online Stock Keeping Package (SKP) recommendation, our LCS experts will generate a tailored list of wear, maintenance and spare parts suitable for your specific Krones equipment and operating duty cycle. Once processed and available, you can download the SKP list and order the required parts from your local Krones spare parts team.

At a glance:

  • Stock-keeping package tailored to your machines
  • Quick availability of spare parts when they are required
  • Minimisation of working capital
  • Simple online request – for free!

Select your customised solution from two different package types:

Comfort package

Basic package

High availability of spare parts thanks to higher numbers of different parts

Covers your minimum requirement

Reduced order frequency due to higher batch sizes

High availability with low stock levels

How can I request my Stock-keeping Package at

The Stock-keeping Package is available for employees and registered customers. As a customer you can easily select and request your individual package following the steps below or simply click the link to get your Stock-keeping Package:

1. Go to My account > Display Stock-keeping Package > Request package

2. Select the commission number you want to be part of the package

3. Request

To guarantee excellent support for our customers the Stock-keeping Package is also available for our employees. For employee login please use the link below:

Learn more about the Stock-keeping Package at in this video: