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 Which functions does Craftmate offer

  • Filling of beer & CSD in cans
  • High flexibility in low output range (<20,000 cph)
  • Processing of various can sizes/formats
  • Filling technology in familiar Krones quality
  • High filling quality with warranty values of high-performance machines
  • Short change-over times for different can formats
  • Compact layout

What makes our Craftmate so special?

  • Double the flexibility: Beer and CSD can be processed in different can sizes and formats.
  • Innovative technology: Features such as filling quantity determination by inductive flow meters, electro-pneumatically controlled filling valves, double-acting cylinders and differential pressure chamber for pressing-on and pressurising the cans without a control cam bring your production to a new level.
  • Easy cleaning: Thanks to the slanted table top and manually applicable CIP cups, you your Craftmate cab be cleaned easily.
  • Compact layout: Side-mounted buffer tank, valve node and control cabinet directly next to the filler ensure a small space requirement.
  • Low transport costs: The complete machine can be accommodated in the sea container

System benefits

  • Drive using servo technology
  • Best technological values in terms of oxygen uptake and CO2 consumption
  • Self-draining table top inclined at one side
  • Can is pressed on electro-pneumatically without a control cam
  • Precise filling volume through the use of inductive flow meters

Configuration data

Framework conditions:

  • Geographical installation height above mean sea level: 200 m
  • Minimum ambient temperature of the machine installation area - wet section 8°C 
  • Maximum ambient temperature of the machine installation area - wet section 35°C 
  • Minimum relative humidity – wet section 40%
  • Maximum relative humidity – wet section 75 %
  • Pressure Equipment Directive: AD2000
  • Minimum room height in filler installation area = 3,500 mm

Electrical connection data:

  • Network configuration in the customer's network: TN-S network
  • Rated operating voltage in the customer's network: 400 V
  • Rated frequency in the network: 50 Hz
  • Voltage fluctuations in the customer's network: +/-10 %
  • The customer's network is equipped with a loadable neutral conductor.

Craftmate selection

Technical details:

  • Pitch diameter: 1,080 mm
  • Number of filling valves: 24
  • Pitch: 141 mm
  • Can formats: Standard format: 211/202 (optional 204/202 to 300/209)
    Maximum possible container height: 206 mm
    Minimum possible container height: 56 mm
  • Product temperature: 2 °C to 16 °C
  • CO2 content: 3.8 g/l to 6.0 g/l
  • Recommended price with one format: 461,395.00 €