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In order to register in the, please click «Register» in the upper menu bar.

  • If you are already our customer and have received access data to the shop, you can enter your user name and your password here.
  • If you are already our customer and want to order via, however, if you don't have any access data yet please ask your Krones contact partner or contact us here.
  • If you are not our customer yet, we are pleased to receive your registration request in order to be able to welcome you as Krones customer. Please register here.
  • Please note that only requests can be placed without filling in our registry form. Any request will be handled immediately. Thank you for your understanding.


Video: Introduction

Here are the main features of our online shop at a glance:


Get in Touch

If you have any questions or need help, please contact us via email at or use our contact form.



If you are registered in the, you have the possibility to upload several articles in your shopping cart using the Excel upload. Fill out the Excel table as follows:

  • Column 1: Item no.
  • Column 2: Quantity (optional)
  • Column 3: Quantity unit (optional)
  • Column 4: Item designation (optional)
  • Column 5: Assembly no. (optional)
  • Column 6: Assembly designation (optional)
  • Column 7: Commission (optional)
  • Column 8: Drawing no. (optional)

The first line will be ignored when importing.
If the Excel file is created manually, please do not specify the unit (column 3).

The file extension must be ".xls / .xlsx".

Please use this Excel template.


Your reference/order number

Please enter your reference and/or order number and/or order text for every order in order to allow for the internal assignment of the order. 


eCat contains the KRONES user documentation with a parts catalogue, documentation, and a connection diagram. 

eCat in Onlineshop

If your eCat account has been activated and you have signed up for our online shop, eCat will be directly available to you in our At present, the parts catalogue can be used. It provides the following functions:

  • The structure of the line and machines together with the parts lists and corresponding drawings
  • Information about the components
  • Diverse search functions
  • Your eCat account has not been activated yet? Follow the instructions provided under "Register in the online shop"
  • You still have questions about how to use eCat? You can find the answers in the eCat help

eCat CD 

You will still receive the eCat CD in the usual manner. The CD version will soon also be available with improved functions and a new appearance.

Ordering spare parts

As and eCat are interlinked, you can place your eCat parts directly into your cart. The cart in the online shop can't be filled directly from the shopping cart of the eCat CD.