KOSME FILLING LINE - Complete filling line for edible oil

Item number: EC00072000

Partner: ecomac Gebrauchtmaschinen

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Product details

ECOMAC standard classification

  • Type: Complete filling line for edible oil
  • Power: 3000
  • Model: KOSME
  • Manufacturer: KOSME FILLING LINE
  • Year: 2012
  • Equipment: Complete line
  • Availability: 07/2020
  • Feed:  
  • Type of current:  
  • Movement direction:  
  • Control:  
  • Additional information: The line has only 600 operating hours !!! New condition! The line handling the following formats 1lt -2lt -5lt -10lt List of the machines Kosme KSB 2XL Stretch Blow Moulder serial number K2F1007 Product Details: Max Output 3,000 bph Max Capacity 12.0 l Number of Cavities 2 Brand Kosme Bottle/jar VACUUM conveyors VACUUM TYPE BOTTLE/JAR CONVEYORS serial number K971S08 Vacuum type conveyor system, for plastic - poor stability containers handling, as shown in the relevant - attached layout drawing. Fillers and Blocks WEIGHBLOCK 9/1080 3/360 FC serial number K967470 Rotary - adjustable height type machine, suitable to fill glass or plastic bottles. Cap elevators and cap conveyors MECHANICAL CAP ELEVATOR serial number K971S09 Miscellanea - FILLING Nitrodoser serial number K971S12 Labellers EXTRA HM 4/720 CE Sh1 E1 Sa1 E1 serial number K966D99 Rotary type automatic labelling machine, suitable to handle metal, plastic or glass containers. Coders - SMALL SIZE LETTERS CODING UNIT (Videojet VJ1510) serial number K971S10 Ink-jet coding unit VIDEOJET model VJ1510 (distribution: CICRESPI spa - Italy). Carton erectors FORMAPACK h 1200 Cy/h serial number K969938 Automatic machine suitable for the forming of american-type cartons. Machine to collect and form cartons by means of suction cup gripping devices fitted on lever systems with handling guides. When the carton is formed the machine gets the bottom laps to be closed by Hot-Melt glue, then a pressor-operated procedure and a final step of packing outfeed ocur Carton packers and Blocks ACEPACK 2/4T serial number K969939 Carton sealing units SEALPACK h 1200 Cy/h serial number K969940 Palletizers PAL MEC ARM PS A /120 – Rf serial number K969942 Automatic layer palletizer w/single fixed column provided w/mobile arm, suitable to palletize cartons, bundles or crates on a single pallet sized 1200x800 (EUROPALLET) and 1200x1000 (Cheap), w/maximum height 2100 mm, incl. of. pallet. Main machine provided w/one-infeed layer preformation structure, complete w/pushing device and layer robot. The machine is complete w/perimetral guardings, switchboard and operator's panelboard w/swinging arm. Stretch film wrappers Revolution LS serial number K969943 Stretch film wrapper with rotating arm Bottle/jar conveyors BOTTLE/JAR CONVEYORS (Pet) serial number K971S11 Pet bottle/jar conveyor system, as shown in the relevant - attached layout drawing. Bundle/CARTON conveyors BUNDLE/CARTON CONVEYORS serial number K971S13 Bundle/carton conveyor system, as shown in the relevant - attached layout drawing. Electric plant - AUTOMATION ELECTRIC PLANT – AUTOMATION serial number K971S14 Automation electric plant (i.e. conveyors control plus signal interchange among the machines present on the line
  • Location:Town: THESSALONIKI
  • Location:Country: GR

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