Substitution list


Replaced materials? This is how you stay on top of things

With our service „Substitution list“ you can easily view all predecessor and successor materials. This way you can always keep track of all replaced materials in your machines.


Get your substitution list with just a few clicks:

Request your personal substitution list directly in "My account"  now. Simply enter your customer number or the shopping cart number of a specific offer/order in the request form and your list is to be generated.

Normally you receive your wished substitution list the same day. Furthermore you get an email notification as soon as your list is finished and available for download.

You can open your list/s in “My substitution lists” or download to Excel.


Your advangages at a glance:

> Evaluation adapted to your purposes – You can create substitution lists both customer or order based.

> Different list views – With every download you additionally receive a machine-readable version.

> Comfortable editing – Export your substitution list as Excel and edit it as wished.

> Transparency – Keep track of material replacements and keep your material management up to date.

> And you know what's best? – It's free!

Request your substitution list today!