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What functions does the Low-pressure air system offer?

  • Generation of low-pressure air
  • Treatment of the low-pressure air to required quality
  • (Intermediate) storage of the generated low-pressure air

Which products can be produced?

  • All qualities of low-pressure air
  • KRONES standard is 1.4.1

The Low-pressure air system is available in the following output stages:

  • Due to the modular system all output stages are available

What makes our Low-pressure air system so special?

  • Decades of experience in low-pressure air systems for breweries and bottling plants
  • The latest technologies paired with the experience gained from our customer projects guarantee the best possible performance values in terms of performance and energy/resource efficiency as well as future-proof by means of retrofit solutions.

System benefits


  • Reduction of low-pressure air generation and thus energy due to optimal design
  • Usage of the latest technology
  • High temperature equipment (temperature in machine room > +40°C) available
  • Different kinds of low-pressure air treatment and thus different air qualities possible
    • Global available services: inspection, overhaul, retrofit, remote support short spare part delivery
    • Short installation times
    • Plug and play solutions


    Configuration data


    Basic conditions:

    • Geographical installation height above mean sea level < 1000m
    • Minimum ambient temperature for machine installation area: +10 °C
    • Maximum ambient temperature for machine installation area: +40 °C
    • Equipment is designed according CE standard
    • Standard values refer to DIN1343
    • All other conditions/standards/installations on request

    Electrical connection data:

    • Network configuration in the customer's network: TN-S network and others
    • Rated operating voltage in the customer's network: 220 - 400 V
    • Rated frequency in the network: 50 or 60 Hz
    • Voltage fluctuations in the customer`s network: +/- 10%
    • The customer's network should be equipped with a strong neutral conductor

    Special specifications:

    • KRONES offers as a standard low-pressure air 1.4.1 with 7 bar
    • Modifications to the design features required by the customer can result in changes to the scope of supply and can also cause the delivery date and the price to be adapted. Subject to technical changes.


    Low-pressure air system selection


    Select a power range:

    0 - 300 Nm³/h


    up to 500 Nm³/h


    up to 900 Nm³/h