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Protect your production facilities

More and more production facilities in the beverage and liquid food industry are falling victim to cybercriminals. Ransomware like WannaCry can quickly bring the entire production to a halt for weeks or months. Nowadays, cybercriminals don't need to know industrial control systems or network protocols since they can conveniently use malware-as-a-service.

However, you are not at the mercy of this threat. Many cyber attacks can be detected and actively prevented at an early stage. We assist you in the optimal protection of your existing production as well as in a secure digitization process. Our team of experts relies on years of experience in IT and automation technology, combined with the latest tools and techniques. You get economic and risk-oriented solutions to be protected against cyber attacks.

Focus on your core business, we secure your production

Krones assists you in the complete protection of your production facilities with its team of cyber security specialists. The team combines years of experience in both IT and automation technology.

We secure your production by:

  • Identifying the current state of cyber security of your production
  • Planning and implementing preventive security controls
  • Detecting attacks and malware, and responding to these threats quickly and effectively

Identify: Security network analysis

We determine the current state of cyber security of your production. Based on our detailed network analysis, you will know which systems communicate with others via your production networks. We perform a security assessment of the network communication and identify security vulnerabilities. You get an asset overview, a vulnerability report, and made-to-measure guidance to secure your production.

This step lays the foundation for advanced security controls.

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Line segmentation

Protect: Strict network segmentation

We design a secure network architecture for your production. You can be sure that the network communication is strictly controlled. Attackers and malware can't spread across networks and zones easily. We assist you in implementing this strict network segmentation in the best possible way.

This step protects against a wide range of threats to the production environment.

Detect: Security Operations Center as a Service (SOC)

We continuously monitor the network traffic in your production networks. You will quickly be informed if the behavior of systems deviates from usual patterns, or if malware tries to propagate. In case of a security incident, our Security Operations Center provides fast and effective support in the incident response process.

This step enables early detection of malware and attackers in your production.


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