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Cleaning Technology for Crates, Container & Caustic Filtration

Do you want to use cleaning technology that meets your high demands? Here you will find cleaning technology for bottles (PET/glass), crates or caustic filtration at the highest level!

In doing so, we ensure that your disposable and reusable containers can be cleaned reliably.
Our machines operate media and energy efficiently at the highest level.
In addition, we offer caustic filtration so that you can carry out your cleaning even more environmentally friendly and cost-efficient.

At a glance:

  • Latest cleaning technology saves water, energy and costs
  • Sustainability with the help of the latest manufacturing technology
  • Environmentally friendly due to all-time product design
  • Water-saving by means of intelligent fresh water utilization
  • Energy efficient due to state-of-the-art machine control and assemblies
  • Cost-efficient due to low energy and media consumption

Types of machines:

Bottle washing

  • Single End Lavatec E
  • Double End Lavatec D4/D5 and LavaClassic D4/D5

Bottle rinser

  • Lavatec R

Crate washer

  • Linajet
  • Linajet Plus
  • Crate sprinkler

Caustic filtration

  • Parcival

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