Labelling and Inspection Technology

With machines of Krones from the lines labelling- and inspection technology, you can be sure that your product will convince at first sight! Use our decades of experience to your advantage!

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Labelling Technology

Ready for anything – Krones labelling technology

Labellers from Krones ensure that your product is an eye-catcher. Whether it’s hotmelt, cold-glue, pressure-sensitive labels or sleeves; our labelling technology masters every variant of label decoration and if you want, even all of them together on a single machine.

Labelling Technology

Container labelling solutions
Hotmelt, cold-glue, pressure-sensitive labels or sleeves

All available machines at a glance

Machine variants of the EM series:

  • Table-top machine with permanently attached labelling stations, as a classic solution
  • Ergomatic Pro with column-free carousel and permanently attached labelling stations, as an ergonomic version
  • Ergomodul with column-free carousel and exchangeable labelling stations offers ergonomics and flexibility at the highest level

Machine variants of the Sleevematic series:

  • Sleevematic M: wide output range for shrink sleeves
  • Sleevematic TS: the turbo machine for shrink sleeves
  • Sleevematic AF: proven rotary-technology for stretch and shrink sleeves

Secondary machines:

  • Multireel: free-standing multiple roll magazine for long running times without operator intervention
  • Shrinkmat: energy-efficient, compact steam shrink tunnel

All available labelling processes at a glance

Applications with labelling station/s of the EM series:

  • Pre-cut labels with cold glue up to 72.000 containers/h with Ergomatic
  • Pre-cut labels with hotmelt up to 72.000 containers/h with Canmatic
  • Reel-fed labels with hotmelt up to 81.000 containers/h with Contiroll
  • Self-adhesive reel-fed labels up to 60.000 containers/h with Autocol

Applications with the Sleevematic series:

  • Shrink-sleeves up to 50.000 containers/h with linear-machines
  • Strech-sleeves up to 40.000 containers/h with rotary-machines

Inspection Technology

Ensures quality – Krones inspection technology

Inspection machines from Krones ensure consistent quality. This is because the machines inspect precisely crates, packs, preforms, cans or bottles for you and reliably reject those products that do not meet your quality standards.

Inspection Technology

Solutions for the inspection of containers, packs and preforms
Inspection, control and rejection equipment

All available machines at a glance

Checkmat inspection machines for:

  • Fill level and closures of all kinds
  • Labels of all kinds
  • Packages, such as beverage crates and cartons

Inspection machines for:

  • Preforms and PET containers
  • Beverage cans
  • Empty glass and PET returnable bottles
  • Foreign particles in filled bottles and empty returnable PET bottles

Secondary machines:

  • Linadry: compact, powerful container dryer
  • Ecopush, Ecoslide, Varioglide: reliable, energy-saving rejection systems
  • Sekamat: high-precision container sorting system for returnable containers

All available inspection systems at a glance

Technologies in the inspection and control machines:

  • Sensors
  • Cameras, partly also with deep-learning methods
  • Mass spectrometers
  • High-frequency, infrared and X-ray technology
  • Electrically driven rejection systems


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