KRONES celerol LU 7603 120 ml

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Product description

Description and fields of application

KRONES celerol LU7603 is filled with the special oil KRONES celerol FL10. This is a fully synthetic penetrating oil on the basis of polyalphaolefin. KRONES celerol FL10 is NSF H1 registered and it thus meets the strict requirements of the "Guidelines of sec. 21 CFR §178.3570 of the FDA regulations". Therefore it is suitable for applications in the food industry where unintentional contact of the lubricant with the product cannot be fully excluded.

Among others, the proven strengths of the KRONES celerol lubricators are:

  • Constant fill level monitoring due to the transparent housing
  • Reliable and continuous supply of lubricant even at lubrication points that are difficult to access
  • Ease of use due to its uncomplicated method of operation
  • Low maintenance, installation and acquisition costs

Technical Data of the lubricant

Colourless, clear
Density at 15°C; DIN 51757:
approx. 0.8 g/cm³
Kinematic viscosity at 20°C; DIN 51562:
4 mm²/s
Kinematic viscosity at 40°C; DIN 51562:
1 mm²/s
Flash point; ISO 2719:
> +63°C

Data on usage temperature are guide values which are based on the lubricant structure, the defined purpose of use, and the application technology. Depending on the type of mechanical strain, on temperature, pressure and time, greases change their consistency, apparent viscosity or viscosity. This change of product feature can affect the functions of components. All data are average values. The usual tolerances are valid.

Minimum shelf life

The minimum shelf life is approx. 24 months if the unopened packs are stored in a dry and frostfree place from the date of production.

Material safety data sheet

The current material safety data sheets can be requested at KIC KRONES at any time.

Disposal note

Lubricants and empty packs are to be disposed of via authorized collection points.

Lubricants must not reach the environment.

Product downloads

You need detailed information or safety instructions on your present selection of KIC Krones consumables? Here you will find all technical data sheets, safety data sheets and documentation for NSF registration.
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