A14-2 B&R Automation (Electrical System) – Workshop

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Partner: KRONES AG - Academy

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Basic technical knowledge; basic IT and PC knowledge


  • B&R components used at KRONES (system 2003/‘05/X20 etc.)
  • Drive technology basics: SDC module, ACOPOS
  • B&R Automation Studio 3.0.8x basics; integrated help system
  • CF creation according to KRONES standard (Create Image)
  • Diagnostics for the most common hardware and ACOPOS

Course objective:

Accomplished knowledge of the IT system considerably reduces the machine downtimes, because it helps not only to solve problems more quickly, but also to prevent them in the first place. This workshop conveys comprehensive knowledge of network and control system technology. Practical devices and training machines create a realistic learning environment.

Optionally, you can buy a service license for B&R Automation Studio 3.0.9x.