KRONES B&R Rack SDC (Servo Drive Control)

Item number: KRTE007

Partner: KRONES AG - Academy

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Product description


With the B&R rack (SDC) in conjunction with the SIMATIC S7-300 or -1500 rack, the B&R rack (FVC) and the touch-screen rack, you can not just simulate but also implement control, parameterisation, synchronisation and optimisation of the servo drives. The B&R rack (SDC) is equipped with two incorporated servo motors which can be used for calling the complex functionality of the SDC module.

Accessories and extensions

  • Participation in the course "B&R Automation (electrical system) workshop"
  • Optional: Training documentation
  • Optional: KRONES Automation Notebook

Learning objectives

  • Powerlink network and network structure
  • Data back-up and replacement of components
  • B&R AS 3.0.9x basics; integrated help system
  • Servo drive control

Technical data, scope of supply

  • KRONES B&R rack (SDC)
  • Operating manual

Benefits to you

  • Specific training with regard to Automation Studio
  • Fault simulation for B&R controllers, including possible replacement of components
  • Holding of training courses on the topics of the "B&R Automation Workshop" (creation of CF cards, use of KRONES tools)
  • Specific training with regard to servo drive control and the KRONES SDC module